• Cerniere

    Tested for 200,000 openings and closures.
    Simple and resistant, they ensure comfort and safety.

CLIP top: A tried and tested function with an attractive design.

Open the door and you will see CLIP top, the renowned hinge system. CLIP top is easy to adjust and install, as well as being extremely reliable and attractively designed. CLIP top hinges ensure all doors open easily and reliably. If you love living with style, combine the CLIP top hinges with the BLUMOTION system for soft and silent closure. Or with TIP-ON, the solution for opening handleless units.



CLIP top BLUMOTION: Innovative technology integrated into the bottom.

CLIP top BLUMOTION combines innovative technology with an internally acclaimed design and comfortable movement in limited space, since BLUMOTION is integrated into the bottom. The new rotation point of the hinge means completely new design solutions are possible, even for thicker doors. Elegant movement of every door is guaranteed. Slow and silent. BLUMOTION can be switched off easily if necessary.



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