• UltraClean and MicroStop

    The Plados UltraClean® and MicroStop® technologies ensure that Lube kitchen sinks are always well-protected against bacteria over time, as well as making them easy to clean and keep hygienic, since the drops of water do not burst, but slide off the surface, thus keeping the surface drier.

    UltraClean® is an innovative technology which guarantees constant, unlimited and long-lasting protection against dirt on the sink, often the cause of stains and bad odours. UltraClean® is colourless, odourless and tasteless. Its action continues during subsequent washing and does not disappear over time. MicroStop® is a silver ion based anti-bacterial treatment which offers constant and long-lasting protection against the bacteria which causes mould, stains and bad odours.



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UltraClean and MicroStop

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