• Tip-on

    Easy opening of up and over doors, classic swing doors, drawers and deep drawers.
    TIP - ON guarantees functional and easy opening of handleless doors.

Reliable handleless opening

Whether it is a standard up and over door, a classic swing door, drawer or deep drawer, handleless opening is easy and functional with TIP - ON. The units are opened and closed simply with just gentle pressure on the door.

The TIP - ON mechanism is not damaged if the fronts, up and over doors or deep drawers are opened manually by pulling them.

TIP - ON can also be installed on AVENTOS standard up and over doors.
TIP - ON cannot be combined with the BLUMOTION mechanism.



Tip - on for doors

Tip - on allows you to open handleless swing doors easily: just press gently on a corner of the unit. Push the door gently to close it.


Standard up and over handleless wall units with Tip - on opening

Thanks to TIP - ON for AVENTOS HK and HK - S, opening standard handleless up and over doors is simple and easy: just gently touch the front of the unit and the up and over door opens and can be raised easily upwards.
Close the up and over door by pressing gently. A blocking plate on the inside of the door ensures perfect closure.


Tip - on for Tandembox and Tandem

Handleless drawers and deep drawers open reliably and effortlessly with the TIP - ON mechanical support fr TANDEMBOX and TANDEM: a gentle touch on any point of the front is all that is needed. Push the drawer gently to close it.



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