Compositions - Kitchen Corners - Cucine LUBE

When space is tight or the kitchen fixtures cannot be moved, sometimes you need to take a second look at a kitchen corner. But sometimes having a bare-bones cooking nook is a deliberate choice for a home-owner who likes a neat stylish corner with everything within reaching distance.

Regardless of our reasons for choosing a small kitchen, it is paramount to position each single unit carefully. The range, sink and appliances must be placed as close to each other as possible so that everything is close to hand.

The corner units will enable us to cash in on all the space available and create a cosy alcove where meals can be easily and quickly prepared. Our corner space naturally creates its own neat triangular layout between the three main points: washing, cooking and food preparation. If the two sides of the kitchen are sufficiently long, there might be enough footage in the middle for a table. This will be a welcome focal point for socialising and dining with friends.