Sicherheit - Sicherheitsbeauftragter - Cucine LUBE

Satisfying customers and their needs is the task that Gruppo LUBE sets itself every day.
One of the company’s strengths is its workforce, who contribute to achieving its objectives, customer satisfaction first and foremost.
The company workforce shares its values and operate in a workplace where health and safety are paramount.
The Safety Officer has been appointed to guarantee compliance with all occupational health, safety and hygiene laws at LUBE plants and offices and continual improvement of performance on these issues, in accordance with the ISO 45001 standard, aimed at identifying, assessing and reducing risks to health, safety and hygiene in the workplace.
To ensure this policy is properly adopted, the Safety Officer has defined a structural framework of reference to establish and review improvement targets and milestones, as well as associating one or more safety action plans with achievement of the objectives.
The entire workforce is involved, informed and motivated to achieve these objectives and adopt the action plans.
Training is also provided at all company levels to raise awareness and share a culture of occupational health and safety. At Gruppo LUBE, respect for human health starts from within, with those who use their professional and manual skills to create high-quality and people-friendly products with respect for workers’ safety.