Servo-drive - Specifications - Cucine LUBE

Extremely easy opening

Just gentle pressure on the front with your hand or elbow is all you need to open up and over doors automatically with SERVO-DRIVE. Even large and heavy doors open upwards without any gravity. You can also reach everything inside the unit easily.

Servo-drive - Specifications - Cucine LUBE

Easy closure

Closure is simple and effortless with the easy-to-reach switch on the side of the unit. Up and over doors have extremely easy and ergonomic closure, while the renowned BLUMOTION system guarantees it is soft and silent.

Extremely versatile

SERVO-DRIVE can be used with all four mechanisms.

Servo-drive Folding opening - Specifications - Cucine LUBE

Folding opening

Servo-drive Vertical oblique opening - Specifications - Cucine LUBE

Vertical oblique opening

Servo-drive Up and over opening - Specifications - Cucine LUBE

Up and over opening

Servo-drive Vertical opening - Specifications - Cucine LUBE

Vertical opening