Information on use

Information on use of mechanisms with Servo-drive

Completely under control
You can interrupt the motion at any time, even during automatic opening and closing of the up and over door. Up and over doors can also be effortlessly opened and closed manually with SERVO-DRIVE at any time, such as when you need to remove an item from the lower shelf of the unit or during a power cut.

What happens in a power cut?
SERVO - DRIVE does not control the mechanisms during a power cut, but you can still open and close the up and over door manually. When the power comes back on, SERVO - DRIVE starts operating again without any regulation being necessary. If the up and over door is moving when the power goes off, it stops in that position. SERVO - DRIVE can be restarted simply by pressing the SERVO - DRIVE switch as soon as the power comes back on.

Can I switch off SERVO-DRIVE?
You can switch off SERVO-DRIVE easily, such as when you want to clean the doors. We recommend installing a socket with a switch. The up and over doors can be opened and closed manually when it is switched off.

How does the warranty work?
SERVO-DRIVE has been tested carefully in the Blum test lab by performing 80,000 opening and closure operations. SERVO-DRIVE has a 5-year warranty on all the electrical components. Contact specialised furniture accessory dealers to apply the warranty.

Where can I find more documentation?
The documentation is available on the homepage at and

N.B.: SERVO-DRIVE cannot be installed subsequently and must be requested when you order the wall unit.

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