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Product quality

Heart, mind and fifty years of craftsmanship are the ingredients of a success story.
Gruppo LUBE has always invested in research and innovation to guarantee the highest quality standards and constantly seeking improvement is in the company DNA. Meticulous attention to detail results in products that are a combination of innovation, style and Italian manufacturing, products that showcase the Group values and strengths of reliability, quality and focus on the customer.
Each LUBE kitchen is a proud example of Italian style and design.
An entirely Italian and Italian-made tradition that reflects the high quality of the work. Constant research into innovative materials and new styles are decisive factors for a company that years ago structured its manufacturing cycle in a way that respects the environment and the territory.


Gruppo LUBE has always focused on humans, their changing habits and needs and well-being.
Bolstered by its principles, Cucine LUBE puts research and innovation first, as a strategic mechanism and driver of growth. Every company departments works on a day-to-day basis to guarantee the highest quality standards with the best solutions, in order to achieve and maintain customer satisfaction. All the materials used therefore combine design, technology and safety.
All components of Gruppo LUBE furniture are carefully designed down to the smallest detail. Laboratory tests are performed to ensure the products are resistant, hard-wearing and hygienic to the highest standards and physical/mechanical and chemical tests are performed on the products and materials. The wide range of components, such as doors, tops and sinks, opening and closing mechanisms, combine reliability, healthiness and a state-of-the-art appearance.
Customisation allows customers to create their own habitat, where comfort and safety convey a sense of total well-being.


Gruppo LUBE has obtained the Made in Italy UNI 11674 certification in order to satisfy market requirements and reassure the customer of the excellence of its products.
The standard protects the purchaser by guaranteeing the Italian origin, safety and duration of the product, all features that are periodically checked by the two leading laboratories that test and certify furniture wood in Italy: CATAS and COSMOB.
The company can therefore declare that Cucine LUBE products have Italian origin of the furniture and are the result of the highest skills, with quality materials and particular focus on safety.