Harmony between humans and the environment

Environment - Harmony between humans and the environment - Cucine LUBE

For over 50 years, Gruppo LUBE has been contributing to making everyday life more comfortable and pleasant, by conceiving and designing living solutions that are people-friendly and can be adapted to the need to simplify every action in a domestic environment .
This project has progressed hand-in-hand with protection of the environment. The activities and the production processes are configured and planned to ensure continual improvement of sustainability.
Gruppo LUBE is committed to protecting the environment by creating harmony between people and their surroundings and to contributing to simplifying its customers’ everyday lives. Innovation and the search for solutions improves product quality and functionality. All LUBE kitchens are manufactured using clean energy: a 40,800 m2 photovoltaic plant powers the production processes and reduces CO2 emissions.


Cucine LUBE’s respect for the environment is also based on this principle. All Group products are the result of a research and innovation process based on safety and sustainability. Quality of the furniture and low environmental impact are the objectives being pursued every day, with particular focus on design and the resources used.
All the structures of Cucine LUBE furniture are manufactured with panels in 100% recycled wood, certified by Consorzio Pannello Ecologico, and with materials with a low environmental impact, certified for the low emission of formaldehyde, a chemical present in the glues and resins used in the manufacture of wood panels.

Cucine LUBE furniture has an extremely low formaldehyde content, conforming with the F4-stars (F****) standard according to the JIS regulations, certified by the Japanese Ministry and the strictest regulations on protection of the environment against gaseous formaldehyde emissions.

A further safety measure for the final user is use of polypropylene (PP), a non-toxic and odourless material, for the edges applied on the upper and lower parts and/or on the sides of the furniture. PP has a whole range of positive characteristics: it is resilient, hard-wearing and resistant to chemicals, high temperatures and scratches.

Particular attention is also focused on saving water, an essential resource for sustaining life that is scarce for many populations, and also in Italy in the summer months.
The taps used on Cucine LUBE kitchens reduce water and energy consumption without undermining their function and elegant design.

The benefits to the environment also derive from use of clean energy in all production processes.
The 40,800 m2 photovoltaic plant installed at the company plant supplies 6.2 MWp of power, satisfying the energy needs of production activities and saving 13,870 tons of CO2 emissions into the air.
This commitment contributes to protecting the environment and to offering customers high-quality and durable products.