Functionality and sustainability

Environment - Functionality and sustainability - Cucine LUBE

Cucine LUBE are functional, sustainable and durable.
Italian style and design guide the search for innovative and people-friendly living solutions.
With the highly technological and state-of-the-art system of its industrial plants, Gruppo LUBE is heir to an entirely Italian tradition of “know-how” that guarantees maximum safety without ever forgoing design and technology.
Quality and sustainability are joined together in a perfect combination.
Gruppo LUBE focuses heavily on the search for materials with a strong visual impact that guarantee a durable product. This specific feature is also linked to the quality and composition of the panels used for the furniture.
All the structures of Cucine LUBE furniture are manufactured with panels in 100% recycled wood, certified by Consorzio Pannello Ecologico, and with materials with a low environmental impact, certified for the low emission of formaldehyde, a chemical present in the glues and resins used in the manufacture of wood panels.
The level of formaldehyde present in LUBE furniture conforms with the F4-stars (F****) standard of JIS regulations, and this not only limits the impact on the environment, but also increases the quality of the products. A benefit for both humankind and the environment.