Furnish your kitchen with Hi-tech Lube solutions #Zubehör

You will find plenty of innovative solutions for a beautiful and practical kitchen in the new 2015 accessories catalogue. Charge your cordless or listen to music in the kitchen using the QInside wireless charger and the Absound Bluetooth speakers.

QInside – Invisible wireless power charging

The Qi technology means that wireless charging is no longer a dream for the future. You can forget all your other chargers and the tangled wires and simply charge your mobile telephone by placing it on a kitchen shelf! Qi can be used with all devices equipped with the integrated Qi standard for iPhone 3, 4, 4S, 5, 5C, 5S, 6, 6 plus with energy cards or covers widely available on the market, or with the Qi2001 receivers (key-rings) with iPhone 3-4-4S connector or Qi2001 with the iPhone 5, 5C, 5S – 6, 6 plus connector. The Qi2001 micro usb receiver is suitable for all devices which have this type of connector. With its 3 receivers, QInside covers 100% of the rechargeable devices currently on the market.

LUBE has chosen the Qi Woodpad wooden charger, integrating it with a shelf accessory under the wall unit, which becomes an elegant and functional part of the whole kitchen design. Use of Alpine wood from the Alto Adige region of Italy makes the mobile charger pad an absolute jewel.

Qi technology is based on wireless induction charging with energy up to 5 watt Qi (a Chinese word meaning vital energy and pronounced “Tschi”) and is the new universal standard for wireless charging of battery-operated devices such as: mobile telephones, iPods, MP3 players, video cameras and cameras.

Wireless transmission of energy through electromagnetic induction. In transfer of inductive energy, the energy needed is not transmitted to the electronic device via cable, but in wireless mode using electromagnetic fields. It is a very simple principle: the Qi transmitter (charging station) transmits the energy needed to the Qi receiver (mobile telephone). The great advantage of Qi wireless charging technology is making the mobile telephones and battery chargers of different manufacturers compatible. The only requirement is that both the sender and the receiver satisfy Qi specifications. Therefore, any Qi-compatible device, whatever the brand or manufacturer, may be used with a Qi-compatible charging station. A large number of telephones already satisfy the Qi standard and can be charged with any Qi-compatible charging station, including market leaders such as Nokia, Nexus, Samsung, Sony, LG, Motorola, HTC, etc. And the list continues to increase. Qi is being used by an increasing number of electronic device manufacturers. This allows you to use just a single battery charger to charge all battery-operated devices.

Why you will love Woodpad:

  • Wireless charging at any moment
  • Easy and practical
  • Elegant wooden pad
  • Has a receiver with connector for telephones which do not have wi-fi
  • Qinside quality product

Technical data

  • Dimensions: L 25 - H 4,2 - P 11
  • Power: 5 W
  • DC In: 19 V
  • Warranty: 1 anno

    ABSOUND – Absence + Sound

    ABSOUND is a Bluetooth speaker which produces sound without adding visible devices to the surrounding environment. It can produce sound on entire rigid surfaces of various materials, making them vibrate and basically turning them into excellent acoustic propagators for background music, sound messages, call systems and all other audio devices. It will be possible to “play sound” on false ceiling, walls, furniture, kitchen tops and tables, creating an enjoyable surround sound, irrespective of the precise position of the listener. A genuine revolution of the concept of sound emission into the environment, destined to change the way we enjoy sound and offering benefits in terms of the versatility of the solution, its invisibility, easy installation, standardisation and the quality of the sound. ABSOUND is a solution with allows a stylishly linear look, as its replaces all the traditional speakers and, more importantly, uses a flat diaphragm principle, transforming the entire wall or ceiling, but also tables, desks and other items of furniture, or any surface on which it is placed, into a "loudspeaker cone". It is quick and easy to install, as it is just attached to the surface in question, without the need for holes of any type. It is also "eco-friendly", because it covers larger areas than traditional speakers, so less are necessary and electricity consumption is reduced.

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