A new definition of design with the Infinite Line home appliances by Samsung #Elektrogeräte#Backöfen

To meet the growing focus on design in modern kitchen spaces, Samsung presents Infinite Line, a range of built-in home appliances featuring revolutionary design, materials with a unique feel and showstopping performance.

The lead player is the oven with its cutting-edge design and innovative technology: Infinite Line is, in fact, the only oven which can cook using steam and traditional methods at the same time.
This line also includes a compact 50-litre, multi-function steam oven, perfect for those with limited space, a multi-function microwave, a hob with integrated extractor fan and a fully-concealed dishwasher.


Infinite Line removes all the superfluous elements and horizontal lines of traditional ovens, replacing them with vertical and asymmetrical elements which neatly combine with contemporary kitchen design styles.
The two Graphite Grey and Onyx Black finishes provide a unique tactile experience and blend perfectly with modern kitchen fittings. The fingerprint-resistant coating protects against the formation of unsightly marks.

The Infinite Line oven is the result of the union between Samsung Dual Cook technology and steam, becoming the only oven in the world which allows you to cook traditionally and with steam at the same time during the same cooking session. The separator element means that you can have two independent ovens that can be used at the same time thanks also to the double fan.
This home appliance is capable of cooking with 100% Steam which ensures you prepare healthy dishes, while keeping the natural flavour and nutritional value of the ingredients you use. In addition, Assisted Steam technology allows you to add the benefits of steam to traditional cooking and maintain the natural moisture of foods and make dishes fragrant on the outside and tender in the middle.

Infinite Line also includes a wide range of functions like remote control of the oven using the SmartThings App and the Easy Chef feature to choose the perfect cooking styles for the dishes you wish to prepare, and also to save the best recipes and receive real time notices.


The multi-function microwave combines traditional and microwave cooking styles and adds the finishing touches to the visual appeal of your kitchen cooking area. With an internal capacity of 50 l and the Speed Oven function, you can also cook larger dishes in a third of the time* compared to traditional cooking systems.

The food-warmer accessory together with the oven keeps all your food at the right temperature until dinner is ready and the steam cleaning feature eliminates all cooking residues and unpleasant smells.


To complete its range of cooking items, Samsung offers a hob and built-in extractor fan in a single home appliance. The Flushed-Fit design means that the Infinite Line hob is in perfect alignment with your fitted kitchen surfaces, creating a modern, elegant effect.
Maximum flexibility during use thanks to the Dual Flex Zone: two spacious cooking areas which allow you to use various types of pans, including wide and long ones.

Samsung Infinite Line is a work-of-art that combines essential lines with a truly multi-sensory experience.

* Samsung microwave oven vs a traditional oven.

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