Strike shelves for supporting heavy loads #Mechanisms

The innovative Scilm system eliminates warping of shelves, even with very heavy loads. A Scilm shelf can support you and all your shopping without warping.

With the Strike kitchen shelves of Scilm, the shelf becomes the focal point of the kitchen. Design and technical requirements are combined in this innovative aluminium shelf system, revolutionising the interior of kitchen cabinets. Strike shelves combine elegant appearance and total practicality with an extraordinary bearing capacity, which exceeds the standard for normal shelves and satisfies standard UNI 8601 (LIV5 h28 and LIV4 h37).

In the LED version, the shelf lights the inside of the cabinet due to bulbs equipped with sensors, with no cables to ensure maximum freedom in choosing where to position them. The Strike system is highly customisable, due to the wide range of finishes and types, and is available in the h28, normal or lighted versions.

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