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Rispetto per l’ambiente

Protecting the environment is possible and Lube proves this every single day by choosing for its customers only environmentally friendly and totally recyclable products, compatible for use with food, and using only clean energy for their manufacture, with a view to global eco-sustainability, creating kitchens which always respect nature.

4 Punti che fanno di LUBE
una cucina ecologica
  • 40.800 m2 of
    solar panels
  • 100%
    recycled wood
  • Extremely low
    formaldehyde emissions
  • Satisfies standard

The LUBE Group has decided to use only materials with extremely low formaldehyde emissions for its kitchens, satisfying standard F****, and environmentally friendly panels made from 100% recycled material.

For each kitchen sold in Australia, Lube will plant 50 trees

Lube has been honoured in Australia because it manufactures the "world's most sustainable and modern kitchens", and this takes into account both the manufacturing process (zero CO2 emissions, due to the 27,000 m2 of solar panels installed at the plant) and the materials used (100% recycled woods, extremely low formaldehyde emissions, satisfying standard F4 stars according to standard JIS, certified by the Japanese ministry, the strictest when it comes to environmental protection regulations).

This has been combined with a splendid initiative started independently by the Cucine Lube retailer in Australia, which decided to plant 50 new trees for every kitchen sold in order to compensate for the emissions generated during transport from Italy to Oceania. Respect for the environment has also prompted LUBE to choose only environmentally friendly panels for the structure of its kitchens, which are made from 100% recycled wood.

This means respect for the environment, but also for your health, as we use only material with extremely low formaldehyde emissions.

Lube Photovoltaic

All Lube kitchens are manufactured using clean energy: the company head office has a 27,000 m2 photovoltaic system, one of Italy's largest (4.2 MWp), which provides all the power needed for production and reduces CO2 missions by 47 million tons over 25 years, all with maximum respect for the territory and with virtually zero environmental impact.

  • Istant Power

    23.0 kW
  • Total Energy*

    33010.07 MWh

    Daily Energy

    5.8 kWh
  • CO2 Saved*

    13105.0 ton

    Equivalent trees*


    Oil saved*

    6172.88 tep

*from activation of the plant.

13105tons of CO2 Saved



Wooden door processing

Lube Environment

Research and Innovation


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