Tops for kitchens

Tops for kitchens What material to choose? The 4 Lube proposals

A kitchen top is one of the most important elements in a kitchen, together with the doors, and it is certainly the most used, from preparing a simple breakfast to more important meals. Often designed as an extension with snack bar solutions or table tops, the “top”, as it is called in technical jargon, must be able to satisfy ergonomic and functional criteria, but in equal measure, also those concerning appeal and refinement given the visual impact it has. This is why it is necessary to make a careful and informed choice from among all the available materials, taking into account the quality and innovative technical characteristics, namely hygiene, water-repellence, mechanical strength, practicality and eco-compatibility.

So the question is not just “what material to choose” but also “what kind of use to make of kitchen furniture”. Every material, in fact, has its own use and maintenance characteristics and each requires greater or lesser care and attention. Laminate is one of the most popular choices given the great value for money of tops made with this type of covering, whereas composites, stoneware and ceramics in general are the most resistant and less demanding types in daily management. Natural materials like marble and granite are among the most prestigious and characteristic from an aesthetic point of view, especially in classical and contemporary style while stainless steel and glass play an undeniably important role in modern kitchens. If you are undecided, every Lube Store has expert technical personnel who can provide you with all the information you need to choose the kitchen top that best lives up to your expectations.

  • Laminate and Fenix

    Customization and practicality

  • Composite

    Functionality and resistance

  • Granite and marble

    Naturalness and visual impact

  • Stainless steel and glass

    Hygiene and easy maintenance

Peninsulas and snack bar surfaces

Peninsulas and snack bars can be made with all the "top" materials shown in the catalogue. These items are a leading feature in the visual appeal of a kitchen: in continuity with the top, in matching or starkly contrasting materials and colours, they may also play an important part in the functionality and organisation of space. Indeed, if there is enough available space, this is one of the most popular options in kitchen compositions, especially to create a division between the kitchen and living space. It is a solution with many variables: first of all, you can make it more functional by including closed storage space or open shelves etc., or you can leave it free, by designing it as a simple work top, or table. If you opt for solutions like a table to be used in everyday living with normal seats or solutions like a snack bar with (medium or high) stools, you can include the use of legs that can lighten the composition, but also become real design elements.



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