Tops for kitchens

Tops for kitchens What material to choose? The 6 Lube proposals

A kitchen top is one of the most important elements in a kitchen, together with the doors, and it is certainly the most used, from preparing a simple breakfast to more important meals. Often designed as an extension with snack bar solutions or table tops, the “top”, as it is called in technical jargon, must be able to satisfy ergonomic and functional criteria, but in equal measure, also those concerning appeal and refinement given the visual impact it has. This is why it is necessary to make a careful and informed choice from among all the available materials, taking into account the quality and innovative technical characteristics, namely hygiene, water-repellence, mechanical strength, practicality and eco-compatibility.

  • Classificazione
  • ridotta
  • moderata
  • discreta
  • buona
  • ottima

  • Attenzione: la classificazione proposta si riferisce ad un uso corretto dei prodotti e ad una manutenzione conforme ai requisiti tecnici dei materiali.

Per una migliore visualizzazione ti invitiamo a ruotare il dispositivo

  • Top

  • Materiale

  • Resistenza ai graffi

  • Resistenza alle macchie

  • Resistenza al calore

  • Facilità d'uso e manutenzione

  • Compattezza/ bassa porosità

  • Fascia di prezzo

  • Laminate and Fenix

    Customization and practicality
    1. Laminato
    2. Laminato Unicolor
    3. Laminato HPL
    4. Laminato Fenix
  • Composite

    Functionality and resistance
    1. Lab Lube
    2. Light
    3. Quarzo
    4. Silestone
    5. Ile Lube
    6. Okite
    7. DuPont Corian
  • Ceramici

    Ecologia e durevolezza
    1. Dekton
    2. Gres Laminam
    3. Lapitec
    4. Iris
    5. Kerlite
    6. Mutina
    7. Infinity
  • Granite and marble

    Naturalness and visual impact
  • Acciaio Inox

    Hygiene and easy maintenance
  • Vetro

    Bellezza e impermeabilità

Per ulteriori approfondimenti sui materiali ti invitiamo a consultare le sezioni: Guida all'acquisto Manutenzione

Peninsulas and supports to combine with your kitchen

Peninsulas and snack counters can be made with some of the laminated materials included in the catalogue and with a selection of veneers that allow coordinating the countertops with the kitchen doors.

Sinks incorporated
into the counter

Technological innovation at Lube and the precision of its work make total integration between sink and worktop possible.



Wooden door processing

Lube Environment

Research and Innovation


Use and Maintenance

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