Orbita lights

Tall units interior

ORBITA recessed profile is ideal for the installation vertically inside tall units. “Orbita” is composed of two complementary elements: a fixed profile in anodized aluminum, that is recessed perfectly flush into the side panel, and a
removable polycarbonate tube-shaped element (pic. A) that contains the LED light source. The polycarbonate tube placed inside the recessed profile can rotate around itself (pic. B) and directs the light where necessary or where it is
desired. An important innovation is given by the possibility to replace the light source by simply substituting the tube, with no need to remove the recessed aluminum profile, thus avoiding any technical intervention on the piece of furniture.
When ORBITA is mounted vertically on the sides of tallunits, the light is activated by a remote proximity sensor, which is recessed frontally on the top of the unit.


Wall shelves and shelving units

ORBITA profile is recessed perfectly flush under wall shelves and shelving units (pic. A). Its particular design allows to rotate the polycarbonate tube onwards or backwards (pic. B), focusing the LED light where required. The lighting unit is supplied without any integrated switch control and it is turned on and off by means of an external wall switch or with an optional radio-control dimming system (pic. C) that also adjusts the light intensity.



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