Carefree cooking with Laminam worktops

Kitchen work surfaces are the ones most highly exposed to daily use. Cutting food and contact with boiling saucepans are all aspects that may damage a worktop. Therefore, the choice of a kitchen worktop cannot rely solely on design: a good work surface must also be durable, practical and functional.

To ensure you carefree cooking, Laminam, the Italian company specialised in the production of ceramic surfaces, now offers LAMINAM surfaces in the 1620x3240mm size for your Lube kitchen.

These surfaces are an alternative to materials such as stone and marble which have higher costs and environmental impact. In addition, work surfaces made with such materials require careful and continuous maintenance.
With LAMINAM ceramic surfaces in the 1620x3240mm size, you need never worry again!
Here are all the distinguishing features of this fantastic top:

  • Surface that is hygienic and suitable for contact with food.
  • Easy to clean and maintain; it does not require any particular maintenance over time and you can clean the surface using hot water and neutral detergents.
  • Compact surface, surface porosity absent (0.1% water absorption - average value).
  • Dimensional stability.
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Resistant to heat and high temperatures: withstands direct contact with hot items, such as saucepans and utensils, and high temperatures without incurring any surface changes.
  • Resistant to mould and mildew.
  • Stain resistant** even with prolonged contact with wine, coffee, olive oil and lemon, there are no permanent alterations to colour or gloss.
  • Resistant to cleaning products and detergents** including degreasers and limescale cleaners.
  • Resistant to chemicals, acids, alkalis and solvents** the only chemical that can actually damage ceramics is hydrofluoric acid.
  • Resistant to thermal shock.
  • Frost resistant.
  • Resistant to moisture.
  • Resistant to UV, no alteration to colours. Laminam 12+ will keep its original appearance throughout its useful life.
  • Resistant to flexion.
  • Resistant to scratches and abrasions**.

Impossible? Watch the video and see the Laminam worktop subjected to all kinds of mechanical stress:


An extraordinary material but what about the aesthetics? LAMINAM ceramic slabs in the 1620x3240mm size are available in three surface types: Naturale, Lucidato and Soft Touch to ensure a worktop that is resistant but also attractive and will make your Lube kitchen unique



* Features not guaranteed for Laminam 12+ Lucidato which has greater sensitivity than other Laminam surfaces. The performance of Lucidato surfaces, however, is as good as or better than materials used for horizontal surfaces in interior design.



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