Steam ovens? Electrolux has invented them #Electrodomésticos#Hornos

Cooking with steam combined with heat, like all the top chefs now do, will ensure professional results with all your cooked dishes. The new steam ovens by Electrolux ensure professional results directly in your home, preserving the substances contained in the food.


A wide, black, polished glass door is now the leading player in new ovens, where the interface is also invisible and the controls are hidden when the oven is off.


L’innovazione di Electrolux, Steamify®, permette una cottura al vapore che conserva i cibi morbidi e succosi dentro, mentre l’aria calda li rende croccanti e dorati fuori. Steamify® dosa in automatico la giusta percentuale di vapore e al grado di calore.

The innovation by Electrolux, Steamify®, allows you to steam cook keeping your food soft and juicy inside, while the hot air makes them crisp and golden on the outside. Steamify® automatically regulates the correct percentage of steam and heat level.

The process is simple and easy thanks to the touch interface where you can select the cooking mode you want and the oven will automatically adjust steam and heat.


Thanks to the Wi-Fi connection, you can control the oven with your voice, using Google Home.

Furthermore, with the CookView® model you can remotely control your dishes while cooking and if necessary adjust the oven using the MyElectrolux app on your smartphone or tablet.

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