A secret ingredient for your recipes? The Bosch Series 6 ovens with steam impulses #Electrodomésticos#Hornos

Steam cooking is a technique that allows you to prepare tasty and healthy recipes and cook light dishes while keeping intact the flavour and nutritional properties of the ingredients.

The new Bosch Series 6 ovens distribute steam inside the oven in a completely even manner. This means that you can achieve excellent cooking results every time whether you want to prepare meat or fish, exactly like your favourite restaurant does, or bake the finest bread like the one you get from your local baker’s.


The new Bosch Series 6 ovens are fitted with an easy-to-remove tank which you can top up even while you are cooking, without interrupting the process. You can set the intensity of the steam impulses manually according to your needs or automatically, using the pre-set programs which will ensure you get tasty, healthy dishes every time.


The new Regeneration function allows you to regenerate foods that were cooked previously or frozen, keeping all the flavours intact. A function that enhances every culinary speciality and allows food waste to be reduced, in line with impegno “Bosch’s “zero waste” commitment.


It only takes one touch to achieve your perfect results thanks to the wide range of functions and programs on the Bosch Series 6 ovens.
With AutoPilot, every dish will be cooked to a tee: put the dish in the oven, enter its weight and press Start: AutoPilot will decide on the program, temperature and optimum cooking time and will switch off the oven when the time is up.

The range of main innovative functions also includes Hotair 3D, which spreads the heat quickly and evenly throughout the oven and allows you to cook different dishes on different levels at the same time, without any swapping of flavours and aromas.


The design of the Bosch Series 6 ovens is the reliable confirmation of our brand values such as solidity, quality and simplicity of use: like the push-pull knobs and the white LCD display which allows easy, intuitive use of all programs.
Because the dishes you cook to perfection should not be the only joy to look at in your kitchen.


With the Bosch Series 6 ovens, you can choose an oven that saves you time and work: thanks to the Pyrolysis system, cleaning will be quick, easy and efficient and without the need to use chemical additives.

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