Cucine LUBE: the leading Italian company becomes the base for one of the country’s biggest photovoltaic power stations.

Thanks to solar power, Cucine LUBE will produce over 65,000 kitchens per year while cutting 47 million tons of CO2 emissions over 25 years.

The leading Italian company, which produces over 65 thousand kitchens per year and employs 555 people, has established one of the country's largest photovoltaic power stations:

27m2 of solar panels power production in an environmentally-friendly way
Milan, March 2011. The growing trend of the green economy hits the Marche region of Italy: Cucine LUBE, the leading company in Italy in its market area, is today a shining example in the environmental area as well. At the company's HQ a photovoltaic power station has been built which covers a surface area of over 27,000 m2. This is one of the biggest in Italy and will save over 47 million tons of CO2 emissions over 25 years.
An ecological roof covers one of the most important Italian companies in the kitchen production sector, which for some time now has been using F4 Star approved panels (which release very low levels of formaldehyde) in its kitchen collections for the well-being of both families and the environment.
Cucine LUBE is the leading Italian company in this market area with 65 thousand kitchens produced each year and a staff of 555. The group's total sales figure is €160 million, which equates to a 6.5% market share in the kitchen sector. Profits rose by €20 million (+14.5%) in 2010.
Thanks to an €11 million investment, a power station has been set up on the roof of LUBE's factory which will provide all the solar energy required to power the entire production process from the first year onwards. Care for the environment still remains the number one objective, however. The company will be completely self-sufficient and will be able to produce kitchens using clean energy.
The facts speak for themselves: in the first year the predicted energy output will be 4,945,692 kWh while CO2 emissions will be cut by 1,963,440 kg. After 25 years the energy produced will equate to 119,191,177 kWh while CO2 emissions will have been cut by 47 million tons. Further consideration of the environment can be seen in the construction of the power station, which has been completely integrated into the roof structure with practically zero environmental impact.
LUBE: a pioneer in caring for the environment, both now and in the future.



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