Forget any space-related problems thanks to Hotpoint induction hobs #Induction#Plandecuisson

Our hob never seems to have enough burners. Especially when we throw a party or celebrate an anniversary, with all our friends and relatives gathered at home.

With the new Hotpoint induction hobs you can cook on any zone of the hob, using different-size pots, with the certainty of having uniform cooking results, always.

The innovative HD Flexi Zone induction hob allows for positioning two small-size pans, or a single larger pan, on the same zone.

The surface adapts to the pots and activates only in the zones where the exact size is detected. The magnetic field that activates between the hob surface and the pot’s metal base generates energy that changes into uniform heat, localised exclusively inside the cooking receptacle. This prevents energy dispersal and helps to reduce cooking times considerably.

The HD Flexi Zone induction hob is more sophisticated than a normal hob and guarantees perfect cooking results for any recipe. Up to 3 pre-set functions can be selected with a simple touch:

  • Melt: the ideal temperature for chocolate, sauces and other delicate preparations, without the risk of them burning on the bottom.
  • Simmer: for all recipes that require slow and light cooking, with light boiling.
  • Fast boil: all the energy required to reach boiling point as quickly as possible.

Hotpoint has opted for maximum safety, by including a series of devices capable of guaranteeing safe use of the induction hob in every phase. One example is the safety lock, which helps to prevent accidental modification of the controls or children from activating the latter.

Hotpoint induction hobs entirely fulfil the desire to have a modern and technologically advanced Lube kitchen, readily equipped to satisfy the needs of people who enjoy experimenting in the kitchen.

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