Faber: Talìka - the first ultra-thin vertical hood #Вытяжки#Бытовая_техника

Do you want to add an innovative design touch to your home?

Cucine Lube has chosen the new vertical Talìka hood by Faber for your kitchen. A style which is literally a “window over the hob”: special Nautilus technology has eclipsed the traditional inclined surfaces and now for the first time time you can have a totally vertical hood. The diffuser is a mere 15 cm thick.
Nautilus is a massive step forward compared to the previous products on the market not only in terms of size but also for its class A energy-efficiency rating.

And as if this were not enough, there are other technological advantages too:

  • LED light
    ensures all the advantages of state-of-the-art illumination providing excellent light distribution over the cooking zone with a bright yet relaxing intensity (4100°K) and low energy consumption levels of only 2W.
  • Perimetric suction
    a 25% reduction in perceived noise levels. Guarantees extraordinary efficiency by using the Venturi principle: when air flows through a constricted suction section of the panel, it speeds up. Once inside, it loses speed and is expelled without the need for any particular pressure.
  • Remote control (optional)
    Faber hoods with electronic controls have been specially configured for the use of a remote control. This is particularly useful for anyone with reduced mobility.

With its distinctive elegance and sleek geometric components, it comes in three different versions:

A lightweight hood whose beauty is elevated by the use of contrasting materials and the airy suspended panels.

Its exquisite finish and alluring stylishness make the Talìka hood a perfect complement to any Lube kitchen, whether it be a ultra modern one or a traditionally classic one.

* Equal to a 3dB (A) reduction according to EN 60704-3

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