Glamour and performance blend together in the new W Collection Black Fiber oven by Whirlpool #Бытовая_техника#Духовки

The exclusive 6th Sense technology and a refined style are combined in the new Black Fiber oven.

The new leading edge product of the W Collection by Whirlpool is the outcome of meticulous and careful Made in Italy production and has been given the most prestigious international awards such as the Red Dot Design Award 2020 and the IF Design Award 2019.

The range is completed with the built-in microwave oven and the NoFrost fridge, all featuring a warm black stainless steel design with metallic finish.


Thanks to the exclusive 6th Sense technology which allows you to programme up to 60 different culinary combinations according to your lifestyle and food habits, cooking in a simple, innovative way is no longer an issue.

In addition, on a selection of models, cooking can be managed with the 6th Sense live app: with a simple touch, you can plan your meals and discover new recipes through intuitive tutorials. Furthermore, the new 3.5” colour TFT display ensures a unique assisted cooking experience, allowing you to easily interact with your oven and its programmes thanks to direct elements and simple suggestions.


The Cook4 function reduces cooking times of your dishes and allows you to cook up to 4 different dishes at the same time, without any crossing over of aromas and smells. In addition, thanks to the Ready2Cook system, the right temperature is reached rapidly, thus eliminating the need to preheat your oven with significant time and energy savings.


The pyrolysis process allows you to clean your appliance without the use of specific detergents or harmful chemical products. With a simple gesture, dirt and grease inside the oven are automatically reduced to ash and can be easily removed with a damp sponge. This is done under maximum safety as the glass panels keep the door temperature low.

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