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Gruppo Lube celebrates 50 years of records, a dream that has lasted half a century has finally come true

Over 3,000 guests, including local authorities, employees and customers from the four corners of the globe gathered to celebrate Gruppo Lube's 50th anniversary. Two days packed with surprises, with a host of famous guests and internationally-renowned artists to celebrate a success story, starring a small company from the Marche region which has grown to become the leader of the domestic market and that is ranked among the top six companies in the world.

The party started on Saturday 22nd at 5 pm with the inauguration of the massive new showroom in Passo di Treia, an exhibition space spanning more than 3,000 m2 that tells the tale of Gruppo Lube, from its very first kitchen through to the latest novelties from the Cucine LUBE and CREO Kitchens and Borgo Antico lines. Featuring “a corner” where visitors can experience the very first steps taken by Luciano Sileoni and his friend Benito Raponi who turned a craft-based workshop into what went on to become Lube. The patron of the opening event was Christian De Sica, who then went on to become the star performer during the celebrations that followed at the Palas in Civitanova Marche.

“This dream has lasted 50 years, yet it has finally and wonderfully come true” were the words used by the chairman and founder Luciano Sileoni to describe the amazing story of Lube. Indeed, we have multiple successes to celebrate, starting with the sporting achievements with four Italian league titles and many European titles, as illustrated on stage at the Palas by Sky Sports journalist Federica Masolin, alongside the management of Lube Volley and the team champions.

The evening then became a talk show, with Tg1 journalist Barbara Capponi and Marco Moscatelli taking to the stage, starting with an interview with the founder Luciano Sileoni to cover the entire history of the company. This was a charming tale that intertwines 50 years of Italian history with the most significant moments enjoyed by the brand, narrated by the same people who have made this common dream possible, with their hard work, day in day out. Lastly, the concert which ended the evening thrilled and amazed the entire audience who attended.

Sunday 23rd at 10 am, again at the Palas in Civitanova Marche, saw the start of Osservatorio Lube 2017, a meeting for managers, agents, suppliers and prestigious guests to share their thoughts on the topic: “Evolution of the distribution system”. Fabio Giulianelli was the first to talk, focusing on the situation with a spot-on report that showcased the current economic and social context starting in Europe, through to the banks, the earthquake and youths.

Former Italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi then took over and in his speech, he emphasised the importance of joining forces and keeping a joint front to tackle the new challenges of the international market. “We need to learn to stick together, this applies to both the Country in general and to businesses, as an individual company alone no longer has that market force that is necessary today” announced the professor.

The project which Lube announced at Osservatorio Lube 2017 envisages a genuine revolution in distribution, starting with its retailers, embarking upon the road to specialisation and uniqueness. “Today, nothing is as it used to be, and if you don't make the difference and if you don't achieve the strategic goal of specialisation, you risk being perceived as just one of the many, so instead you need to become the very best in your field, most of all by trying to create in stores that attention - that appeal that draws customers in because that is exactly what is perceived as the very best” stated owner and CEO of the Group Fabio Giulianelli – “The aim of specialisation is to position the company, the brand, the store itself in first place in the consumer's mind, because the latter tends to visit the retailer which more than any other manages to convey a sense of security that his or her money will be well spent. On the current competitive scene, it has become absolutely vital to give yourself an identity and choose a specific target to address all communication to, knowing that “if you address everybody, nobody listens”. You need to focus on the appeal of the store, seeking to be recognised as "number one" in your respective industry.”

The group's objective for the future is not just to participate but to continue to win, and the figures this year testify to this. The Marche-based company ended 2016 with revenues of Euro 169 million, exceeding the figures achieved by all its competitors and with more than 300 kitchens manufactured each day. This achievement is a starting point for our future challenges; indeed Lube plans to make massive investments to turn the plant in Treia into a genuine smart factory distinguished by connectivity and just-in-time production. Production will be able to commence immediately after the order is confirmed thanks to an automated system that will monitor the kitchen throughout every step of the process right up until it is loaded into the lorry for despatch.

This goal is to be achieved over the coming years and it will launch Lube into a new era of distribution; besides, as the history of the company has taught us, innovation is part of the DNA of this winning group.


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