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Elegance, research and attention to detail: the new Design Collection of Cucine LUBE

Mutina Stoneware, oxidised liquid metal, brushed metal and leather effect are just several of the unique and refined materials that distinguish the new DESIGN COLLECTION of the OLTRE and CLOVER models.

Precious materials that are unique to the touch and sight, for a collection in which the details are the secret of its success. Attention to detail is the hallmark of all the LUBE collections of recent years. This feature stands out in the new Design Collection and takes shape in the Clover Design Collection and Oltre Design Collection models. It is details that make the difference and create new and evocative settings, details that turn a kitchen into the heart of a home that is elegant, luxurious and full of character.


The Clover Design Collection kitchen model is produced with the refined Mutina stoneware finish, a textured element that creates attractive contrasts between highlights and shadows. The robustness of the stoneware is exalted by the visual appeal of the bas-relief pattern of the Mutina finish on the doors and worktops. Clover is available in 6 colours and combinations: graphite Mutina stoneware with graphite oak, chalk Mutina stoneware with slate grey oak, Havana Mutina stoneware with heat-treated oak and also slatted Canaletto walnut with brass strip and brass oxidised liquid metal or dust oak and copper oxidised liquid metal and lastly slatted tan oak with urban lacquered black strip and brushed metal effect.

The colours range from the modern feel post industrial greys to the bright contrasts between chalk and graphite and to the warmth of shades of wood and earth creating a refined and timeless kitchen. Its outstanding elegance lies in its materials and particular details: the brass strip on the slatted Canaletto walnut doors which creates a visual continuity and embracing warmth with the brass oxidised liquid metal finish on the doors and also the refined and exclusive contrast between the door copper oxidised liquid metal and the dust-coloured oak. And for those who love a younger, more urban look Clover Design Collection brings together doors in slatted tan oak with black lacquered strip and the worktop with a brushed metal effect.


Strong, modern, minimalist and technologically advanced: this is Oltre Design Collection, a kitchen with a bold, rock style, whose trump card is the purity of its materials. Its range of different materials match together to create unexpected, yet winning combinations; the spectacular compositions and, again, the meticulous care devoted to detail enhance the refined style of contemporary living. Oltre is available in 5 colours and combinations: burnished bronze lacquered earth grey oak and brushed metal effect or lacquered black steel oxidised metal effect and aged anthracite oak, and again, burnished bronze lacquered aged honeyed oak and brushed metal effect, but also heat-treated Madera oak and copper oxidised liquid metal and nickel lacquered aged oak bark and brushed metal effect and last of all lacquered black leather effect and aged white oak.

Technological modernity and warm, timeless wood grains blend together to create an eye-catching, ergonomic and highly-functional kitchen; its intense, deep, dark, textured colours are designed to furnish an elegant, though not formal home setting. The brushed texture comes to life when touched by sunlight providing the surfaces with movement and character.

Modern, essential accessories are the main players on stage; textured volumes that join together to build a functional space with a decisive character: with Oltre, daily living turns into something special.

The Design Collection of kitchens certainly has a lot of personality. Each composition tells a story formed of unexpected materials that are combined in perfect harmony with precious details. Each detail tells the story of a leading company in its sector. With the new Design Collection, Gruppo LUBE is starting the new decade with elegance, accessible luxury and style, as it continues to make its mark on the market and satisfy its customers’ needs to the full.

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