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Gruppo LUBE 2023 Meeting. A convention where the numbers speak volumes

Treia, 25 October 2023.
A huge success with the public, sector operators, exhibitors and the press alike. The leading LUBE partners were present, together with over 2,000 customers from all the stores in Italy and abroad, for the very first LUBE EXPO.

There was an air of optimism for the future at the Fermo Forum stands, at an event-filled meeting. GRUPPO LUBE, a leader in the Italian kitchen industry, is now also focusing on conquering foreign markets. “Being Lube does not mean being the best, it means continuing to get better” is a concept underlying the philosophy of Gruppo Lube, as well as being the title of the Gruppo LUBE Meeting.

The first LUBE EXPO was a genuine industry trade fair, in which 31 companies in the “Kitchen Furniture” sector participated, from the most well-known domestic appliance manufacturers to accessory and component companies, with stands at which they presented their new products and previews exclusively for GRUPPO LUBE STORES.
For this major event, held on Monday, 23 October, all Lube stores remained closed, in order to participate in the event, which was also attended by owners from across the world.

Bolstered by a high-quality product, sustainable materials and green certifications, Gruppo Lube now aims to reach the figure of 800 stores in Italy by the end of 2025, divided equally between the two brands, Lube and Creo, which will have separate stores but will never compete with each other, as the CEO, Fabio Giulianelli, emphasised.

This is a major objective, for which the company, based in Treia, in the Marche region, is planning to pull out all the stops in terms of resources, starting with the million Euro to be invested in communication and advertising, over a period of four months.

Furthermore, as announced by Mr. Giulianelli, it is planned to expand the production chain at the general headquarters in Treia, where a full Euro 44 million will be invested in the construction of a new wing, together with tens of millions of Euro to introduce technological improvements and innovations.

Made in Italy and customer care. These are the company's strengths, as CEO Fabio Giulianelli reiterated in his over two-hour speech. “Our crazy idea is to go beyond stability. We do it with the investments we have announced and with division between the two group brands: Lube and Creo, which will have separate stores that are also distant from each other, where possible, even by just a few kilometres. There will be no competing, but rather a group spirit, because we are focusing on the teamwork that allows us all to win the big prize, not on the single victories that can be achieved separately”.

“We fought against the crisis by relaunching ten years ago. We might be a little crazy in relaunching - said Giulianelli – but we have also blocked prices and offered loans. Looking after our customers is always a priority for Lube.”

Being Lube means Always Being There.

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