A new model with unlimited combinations:
materials, colors, open spaces and solutions that encloses the living area of the house.

Swing: continuous and alternating rhythms. The new model of Cucine Lube offers modular solutions conformable to the tastes and different needs of the space. A modern product design, which modulates in the smallest environments or encloses the living room suiting individual needs. But not only.
The model Swing also offers colorful and practical open units. Among the chromatic proposals there are color sage, coral red, amber yellow, aquamarine and quartz pink, which coordinate with glasses and original features.
The kitchen Swing is also designed for housing solutions that do not provide a real separation of spaces, proposing items of furniture designed for stylish and dynamics living areas.
Peninsulas change scheme and become shaped worktops with new forms, which are characterized by a great versatility of use.
The Swing proposal is in addition to over 45 models and 455 finishes that already belong to the wide range of Lube kitchens.
From November this new model of Cucine Lube will be the protagonist of the product press campaign. "We introduce you to Swing. The pleasure is all yours". A slogan that aims to highlight the variety of Lube, which is well suited to the needs of each individual, with a real tailor-made service totally Made in Italy.




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