Gruppo Lube celebrates its fiftieth Christmas

The large Lube family celebrates Christmas together by tradition

Lube got its large family together to celebrate Christmas on 22nd December and to congratulate themselves on the outstanding results achieved during its fiftieth year of business. As is tradition, the party was a time for sharing and joy, starring the more than 600 employees, their families and the owners, to end an extraordinary year which ranked Gruppo Lube as the leader on the domestic market.

The event began with Holy Mass celebrated by the Bishop of Macerata, Nazzareno Marconi, at the company's production plant, in the presence of the owners and management of the company, along with local dignitaries and the entire Lube staff.

Once the service was over, the party began with the arrival in Treia of Santa Claus in person, who distributed more than 350 toys that were piled up at the foot of the large decorated Christmas tree.

A host of successes were accrued throughout 2017, starting with the domestic financial record, a record of over 300 kitchens produced each day, and a growth of 3% which made it possible for the brand to hire new recruits. In sporting events too, the brand's fiftieth year was also packed with satisfaction, with the fourth Italian league title won by Lube Volley.

The year 2017 marked the beginning of a new business strategy, as announced by the Chief Executive Office, Fabio Giulianelli, a genuine revolution based on specialisation which for Gruppo LUBE constitutes the evolution of consumption and aims at placing the company, the brand, the store itself uppermost in the consumer's mind. The store thus plays a fundamental role, since it must be able to present itself as the very "best", and thus capable of offering the best product and the best service.



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