Gruppo LUBE a leading player at the Supersalone 2021

After months of closures, fears and uncertainties, one can glimpse another important sign on the horizon of a return to normality. This top-level event in Milan highlights the recovery of an important sector, and Gruppo LUBE, the company from the Marche and leader in the manufacture of kitchens, will at that time celebrate the opening of two new Lube and Creo stores, respectively in Trezzano and in Viale Isonzo, Milan, and be a leading player at the Supersalone 2021, scheduled to start on 5 September. Gruppo Lube will be there with two important new product lines and a stand which confirms the strategy undertaken in recent years by its two brands - Cucine Lube and Creo Kitchens - which places the stores at the heart of operations with its broad-based network consisting of 500 stores.

The space reserved for Gruppo LUBE inside Pavilion 3 – Stand D18 will house the FLAVOUR and TABLET WOOD models, which are the leading edge products of the CREO Kitchens and LUBE brands, with the latter model making its début appearance at the Supersalone. The stand will present the CREO Kitchens and LUBE stores, mirroring the values of the two brands: high standards of quality, attention to the environment, consumers’ health and safety, research and development, technological innovation and the guarantee of Made in Italy certification.

Flavour, officially launched last year, represents the absolute pride and joy of the Cucine LUBE brand. Flavour combines a classic and contemporary style in a single solution and is the result of intense research and development activities, designed to satisfy all market needs.

Flavour is a refined and versatile kitchen that offers various door types and a multitude of finishes to create different styles and can thus be adapted to all living space needs and tastes. The appearance of a Flavour kitchen therefore changes according to its setting and can have a classic or contemporary mood, depending on whoever lives there and uses it every day.

Tablet Wood, on the other hand, is the latest CREO Kitchens product which will be displayed for the first time at the Supersalone 2021. Tablet is a versatile, completely tailor made kitchen with a young, attractive design, and is still today one of the brand’s most popular models.
The new “wood” collection for Tablet is an absolute novelty providing the perfect synthesis between the solidness of wood, high technological standards and an eye-catching and functional design which perfectly blends the kitchen with the living area and the needs of all the family, such as for example the need to find a place for working at home which is fit for purpose but, at the same time, fits in perfectly with its surroundings. The wood collection presents 6 new wood finishes with warm natural hues: natural oak, white oak, grey oak, moscato oak, smoky oak and black oak.

They can provoke wide-ranging impressions and everyone must choose the finish that suits them best in terms of character and needs; with the assurance of having reached a quality decision, the decision made in choosing Gruppo LUBE.

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