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The successes of Gruppo LUBE at Eurocucina 2018

The March-based Group was present at the 57th Milan Furniture Show | Eurocucina

The 57th Furniture Show has just ended and it was a huge success with the public for the Gruppo Lube brands. The Lube stand was designed to offer the best vision of the company: a unique project with a single square surrounded by a meeting room, where company managers presented the new Group products several times a day during scheduled encounters, where they met, informed and talked with over 1,000 customers.

On the eve of the event, CEO Fabio Giulianelli explained the idea of the square, which is the Lube symbol for this Eurocucina and an expression of human relations, the Group's dedication to each customer and internationality: “Rather than a product as an end in itself, we wanted to present the format we are currently using the most, the store - the square represents any location/city in the world and Italy where our stores can be “transferred” and located,”.

The Store is once again the focus of company strategy, in a specific format for both Lube and Creo. It is precisely the Creo Kitchens brand that has been the focus of Gruppo Lube over recent years, with the offer of a genuinely alternative store format to department stores, while still guaranteeing the quality of Gruppo Lube products and pre- and after-sales services. According to the figures, in fact, the stores located throughout Italy have allowed the Marche-based group to increase its revenues by over 30% in the last 3 years, as it focuses increasingly on the quality of the pre- and after-sales service. The Company is also hoping to obtain the same results from this strategy for the end of 2018.

A great deal of attention is given to innovation, the keyword chosen by the Group for Eurocucina 2018, through the virtual room project, where customers were able to interact with a virtual kitchen. As Mr. Giulianelli said, innovation also involves development of research, which means design of models which dialogue with the most advanced technologies.

Gruppo Lube has once again confirmed its increasingly international profile, raising awareness of the company and paving the way for growth.


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