GREEnsMartkitchEN (GREEMEN) is a project funded by the Marche region for the study and development of an innovative kitchen formed of a smart control system and new furnishings with a low environmental impact.
The study, which was completed on 20 December 2017, involved the companies Sinergia Consulenze s.r.l., APIO s.r.l., COSMOB s.p.a., ERS S.r.l., FAPAM S.r.l. and INOXA S.r.l. and the Marche University Polytechnic.


A domotics system improves the safety of the person, the kitchen and the system by controlling sensors and household appliances. It allows potentially dangerous situations to be managed by communicating information or through a series of actions that increase safety. For example:

  • Hot items on the hob. The system uses special sensors to detect the presence of hot items on the hob: when the temperatures rises above 60°C (just one second of contact with an item at 65°C is sufficient to cause a second-degree burn), the system activates the red led bar positioned on the hob to warn the user of the danger.
  • QualPoor air quality (presence of VOC). The system controls air quality through sensors present in the room, which simultaneously monitor the following indicators: toxic VOC, dangerous gases (such as carbon monoxide, nitrogen and sulphur oxides, radon) or any polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (wood or tobacco smoke). The system monitors the air quality constantly: if the quality level falls below a certain value but a serious situation is not detected, it warns the user by sending an orange light signal through the kitchen door. If the threshold is exceeded and the air quality is dangerous for human health, the system immediately activates the hood extractor and sends a red light signal through the door. The system only switches off the extractor hood and the light signal when the air quality returns to an acceptable level.
  • Flooding. The system uses special sensors located near the water intake and discharge lines to detect any leaks. If flooding occurs, the system halts the dishwasher cycle (if it is running) and warns of the danger through a lighted feedback on the door, an acoustic warning signal and information on the system control interface.

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