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Wooden door processing

Cucine LUBE, tramite il sistema altamente tecnologico dei propri stabilimenti industriali, si fa erede della tradizione italiana del legno e, innovandola, la porta con passione ad un pubblico sempre più vasto.


Wood is our raw material.
Crafting wood is our primary talent. We obtain the principal woods for furnishings from Acop Components, a Gruppo Lube company, and use them to manufacture both series and custom products, all guaranteed by a quality certification system which allows us to perform highly specialised processing which retains and highlights the natural beauty of the wood.


Laser edging offers an optimal visual solution never before achieved in furniture design. The traditional gluing method leaves visible joins, due to the glue, whereas laser edging results in perfectly sealed and smooth edges on the surface.

In addition to perfect fusion between the finish and the profile of the furniture, laser edging is also an important milestone in protection of the environment, as it eliminates glues that are harmful to the environment and to health. The edge is applied to the panel through laser welding, which melts the polymer layer on the back of the edges and ensures efficient and long-lasting attachment to the panel. The result is a visually refined and more hygienic element, as there are no joins. It is also more resistant to wear, damp and heat.

Laser edging is not just the ideal solution due to its visual results, but also for the clear improvement in quality and processing safety. There are numerous benefits here:

  • The resistance and durability of the furniture components is significantly increased, as neither liquids or dirt can penetrate through the join;
  • Attachment of the edge to the panel with no joins facilitates the manufacture of visually homogeneous and highly attractive furniture elements;
  • The new tactile design considerably increases the value of the furniture manufactured;
  • The laser edging process does not require glue, anti-adhesives or cleaning liquids, so it reduces the amount of waste and allows more eco-friendly production.


  • Visually speaking, the panel and the edging become one, as if they were a single component;
  • Resistance is greater and cleaning is simpler, as no residues are deposited on the edging and there is no glue to deteriorate or turn yellow;
  • Laser edging guarantees eco-friendly production, as it reduces waste (glues and cleaning liquids) and allows a considerable energy saving.
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