Each kitchen area has its spaces and needs, so Cucine Lube offers you the possibility to customise the full range of models that can be manufactured with the composition that best suits you.

The kitchen is the place where families gather and friends and guests are entertained. Island kitchen cater for this all-important social aspect because have a lively friendly feel about them. Island kitchens were so named because there is a large unit in the middle of the room which includes the base units and often the hob as well.

Factoring an island into your kitchen means having enough space to position it. To get the best out of it, our recommendation is to have at least 110 cm between the central unit and the other counters which will give you enough ease of movement. This way the island will act as a hub for the rest of the composition. It will be where you prepare all your meals and your family & friends naturally throng.

With the right layout, it can become extraordinarily easy on the eye and provide a great visual anchor, forming an important contrast with the living area in open-space areas. Island compositions allow for improved space management as well as increased storage space. Not only, but with the addition of a few bar stools and an eating counter along one or more sides, it encourages socialising - not an aspect to be underestimated in today's contemporary society.


How to choose the composition in the kitchen?

There are two main aspects that need to be taken into consideration: technical factors, such as the area of the room and the location of any gas and water supplies, and those purely personal factors, such as habits and tastes. You should not underestimate the work flows i.e. all the movements during daily operations (taking foodstuffs, cooking and washing) which need to be studied so as to be able to correctly position the elements in the kitchen and facilitate movement.

What are the advantages of an island kitchen?

In addition to a being particularly attractive, an island kitchen offers excellent space management and a larger working area, facilitating moments of conviviality and socialising. Furthermore, if you decide to place the hob on the island, you will avoid splashes on the wall and you can limit your cleaning to the counter area.

Why choose a kitchen with a peninsula?

A peninsula provides dynamism in a kitchen and is often used to separate the cooking corner from the living area. The counter increases the surface space and can conveniently be used as a snack area for breakfast or quick meals.

How is a “gulf” kitchen designed?

To design a “gulf” kitchen, also known as U-shaped or “horseshoe” kitchen, you need to take the ideal work triangle as your base mark, i.e. that triangle which is created by arranging the hob, sink and fridge on three different sides. It is a good idea for the first two elements to be positioned quite close together to facilitate everyday operations.

How is it best to arrange a corner-based kitchen?

So as to have a practical and functional kitchen, it is important to place the appliances, hob and sink as close as possible to each other, also positioning them in the corner of the composition. You can also make the most of the corner to organise kitchenware and foodstuffs, by installing pull-out mechanisms inside the base unit allowing you to access items at the back of the storage compartments.

What are the advantages of a corner-based kitchen?

There are several advantages to a corner-based composition: it allows you to make best use of limited space; it creates a functional, airy setting (with the inclusion of open storage spaces and shelves) and uses the existing water and gas systems, without needing additional work.

When is it best to choose a linear kitchen?

A linear model is particularly suitable for those who have a long, narrow space to furnish, especially in one-room flats where it is essential to fit the kitchen into the living area. It is also a good solution for large rooms; one idea might be to divide the composition into two blocks arranged on two different walls.

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