Each kitchen area has its spaces and needs, so Cucine Lube offers you the possibility to customise the full range of models that can be manufactured with the composition that best suits you.

Your design layout for the kitchen area must bridge the gap between ease of movement, practical needs and exploitation of available space. The idea is to come up with a spectacular composition which is easy to work in. A linear kitchen is an excellent and popular choice because all your appliances are concentrated along one single wall or two opposite walls.

From a design perspective, putting all the elements side by side makes for a highly elegant composition because the whole kitchen area is visible in a single glance and the walls are completely decorated. Linear kitchens are also efficient spacewise if you are working with long narrow areas or wide open spaces. Extraordinarily adaptable, they can be readily customised by reducing the number and size of the single units.

Wall units and bookcases add depth and dimension, capitalising on spatial relationship and making the most of all the space available. On the other hand, the colour scheme exalts detailing and finishing touches, playing up or down the sense of space and connecting your kitchen to the surrounding home areas.

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