Each kitchen area has its spaces and needs, so Cucine Lube offers you the possibility to customise the full range of models that can be manufactured with the composition that best suits you.

A need to maximise on space is a frequent requirement because it seems like there is never enough space in a kitchen. Then, there are times when we simply feel like remodelling our surrounds. One original idea can be connecting a peninsula to your kitchen, or factoring in a new section that includes a table and fits in with the existing units. This will enable you to exploit the available space whilst retaining all the main kitchen functions without compromising on aesthetics.

Quite often, it also acts as a bridge between the kitchen and living areas, meaning you carve more overall space out of your home. A peninsula is a handy extra unit which separates the various zones, clearly marking off the cook's realm whilst giving you endless opportunities to express your own personal style. And on this last point I would like to give you a couple of examples. A peninsula has a great potential for change and can easily turn into a shaped worktop. Its ability to morph into anything opens it up to a multitude of uses.

Remarkably sleek and practical, a kitchen peninsula allows you to maximise on space, express your own personal style and connect the sitting area to the kitchen.

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