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Quick advice

Avoid direct contact with sources of heat

All surfaces with any type of finish may deform, burn or suffer damage if they come into contact with fire, pots, incandescent coffee makers, etc. For this reason it is useful to always use trivets or similar protection. When cooking food, it is recommended to keep pots, griddles etc. on the hob to avoid damaging worktops and backsplashes.

Protect the furnishings from direct sunlight

Any type of material can change colour when subjected to direct sunlight.

Turn on the hood every time you cook

To prevent steam and fumes from settling on the surfaces causing discolouration or cracks. Wooden doors and those covered with synthetic films react negatively if subjected to excess water, heat and humidity, which in the long run weaken edges and surfaces. For this reason, turning on the hood (10 minutes before starting to cook and then turning it off 10 minutes after) and its regular maintenance (changing filters and cleaning) are essential for the life of kitchen furnishings, as well as a good use of the hob (it is advisable to use pans with lids to contain the steam when cooking for a long time). Using the hood is also important to ensure good air quality in the kitchen. Attention: with induction hobs turning on the hood is necessary to reduce the phenomenon of condensation (dripping).

Never open the dishwasher door immediately after the end of the wash cycle

Wait for the appliance to cool completely before opening it: the high temperature steam is quite detrimental to the surrounding surfaces (doors and counters). If any steam escapes, we recommend that you always dry the area thoroughly. Ask for the installation of the save-top film (available for laminate tops) and of the side protection strips, also available for oven and shelves, useful for safeguarding the structures of all the furniture.

Avoid aggressive products

Avoid aggressive products, chemicals, sanitary or abrasive products (like powders), degreasers containing alcohol and bleach that could be corrosive and stain surfaces or leave streaks. Many commonly used detergents, despite being promoted as multi-purpose, contain aggressive substances (like alcohol, chlorine, bleach, various acids) that should generally be avoided for the cleaning of kitchen furnishings. For ordinary cleaning we recommend a simple damp cloth, for stubborn stains and grease add a mild detergent or one that is specific for the surface to be cleaned. Before using any product, if in doubt first test in a hidden area.

In any case, always dry the surfaces afterwards

Never allow water/moisture or liquids in general to remain on doors, structures or tops as they may cause peeling near the edges or be absorbed causing unpleasant stains. Pay attention to the sink area: if not dried immediately, excess water can deteriorate tops, backs and backsplashes. In this regard, it is very important that during assembly silicone sealant be applied in a professional manner to ensure a good seal of the counter (especially near the seams), backsplashes and backs.

Use only microfibre cloths to avoid abrasions

Use a soft microfibre cloth to clean all the materials. Avoid powder detergents, scrapers and rough cleaning materials that could cause scratches and compromise the compactness (gloss or opacity) of the surfaces.

It is very important to remove stains quickly

Once they have dried and penetrated into the surfaces (especially with porous countertops) they could compromise the colour, leaving streaks and indelible marks.

Perform a periodic check of the appliances

To avoid anomalies that could affect the resistance of materials, the hood must vent properly. This requires periodic maintenance of the filters, which need to be replaced regularly according to the manufacturer's instructions. Oven and dishwasher gaskets must be in good condition and perform their functions properly (otherwise steam and high temperatures coming out can ruin the surrounding surfaces). If damaged, they must be replaced by contacting the technical support of the manufacturer.

It is advisable to use protection against marks and breakage

Protect the horizontal surfaces most exposed to wear (near the sink and the hob, the spaces dedicated to food preparation) with trivets or cutting boards. Do not stand on the counter. Attention to accidental falls of objects on both horizontal and vertical surfaces. Sharp or pointed objects can cause marks and breakage.

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